A North Texas Blizzard

My wife and I have lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over three years now. In those three years we have seen the occasional freezing rain and light snow flurries but nothing like what transpired over the last 48 hours. Apparently, we weren’t the only north Texas residents who had never seen snowfall like this since several daily snowfall records were broken. Some areas saw as much as 12.5 inches of the white stuff an amount that hadn’t been seen since 12.1 in 1964.

Any amount of snow or ice in this part of the country is a big deal. Most states further north are better equipped to deal with this type of weather so when it hits here, even if it is a relatively small amount, things tend to grind to a halt. I had school cancelled yesterday and today and since Laura also works at a school and they shut it down on both days we have been enjoying a four day weekend relaxing at home.

It has been nice to see snow again. While some of my family has seen quite a bit of snow in Oklahoma this year, we rarely get as much down here in DFW. I’ve got a few pictures I’ll post. The pictures I took were early in the day yesterday and the snow fell almost nonstop all day long. We had to go run some errands yesterday around noon and there was probably six inches of snow on our car and it continued to snow well into the evening.

Needless to say, I have enjoyed this North Texas “blizzard.”  It made for a nice change of pace from an already busy semester and covered the ugly brown of a Texas winter with a lovely white layer of snow. It probably won’t last much longer since we are going see temperatures jumping back up into the 50s in the next day or so, but it was a nice reprieve from a typical winter here in Fort Worth.


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