Kurt Warner Retires- Thanks for being a good man

I was saddened when I read about Kurt Warner’s retirement from the game of football. I have been a Kurt Warner fan since his earliest days with the St. Louis Rams and I have enjoyed watching him these last few years during his impressive stint as a starter for the Arizona Cardinals. I have always looked forward to watching games he played in because he was so much fun to watch on the field.

The thing that I admire most about Kurt Warner is not his abilities on the field, but rather the kind of person that he is. His Christian faith is well known and he has set a fine example in his career and in his personal life that being a celebrity does not have to mean being a shallow social disaster.

Kurt Warner was the type of professional athlete that we need more of. He played great on the field and avoided controversy in his personal life. He retired on his terms and on the top of his game. His class will be missed.

Mr. Warner, thanks for the great years of football and thanks for being a great guy. I’ll miss watching your games on Sunday afternoons but I wish you the best as you move into the next phase of your life.

“The one thing that I always want to leave people with … is that anything is possible,” Warner said. “I think that’s one of the reasons that God’s placed me up here and allowed me to do what I do. To encourage people out there that although sometimes it doesn’t look really bright, and there’s moments you want to give up … that anything’s possible.”
“I hope that when people think back on my career … that that’s what they remember more than anything else. Not the way I threw the football. Not particular games that I won. That they remember that here’s a guy that believed, that worked hard, and although things didn’t always go in his favor, he continued to press through. And with his faith in himself and with his faith in God, he was able to accomplish great things. That’s what I want everybody to remember.” -Kurt Warner at the press conference where he announced his retirement.


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