A 12 Month Plan

I am definitely a planner. I recently realized that I start to get uncomfortable if I don’t have some idea of where I am going to be 12 months down the road. In the next twelve months I will graduate from seminary and take the next steps in my military career. That move from seminary to military was going to involve some dramatic changes and many of them were still up in the air as of a few weeks ago.

Well, it’s amazing what can happen over the course of a few days. A simple phone call a couple of weeks ago brought not only a 12 month plan into focus, but possibly one stretching out past 24 months. Plus, that phone call also helped to shore up some of the doubts that I had about being able to move into the next phase of my military and ministry career.

I’m sorry I can’t go into more detail at this time, but I promise to fill in the blanks as I am able. Let’s just say that God provided in a big way. It is very nice tohave a good idea about what I am going to be doing immediately following my graduation from seminary.


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