Hebrew, Hebrew, Hebrew…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me. Last week was a short hectic week thanks to a three day drill weekend. I have come to value every day of the week for studying Hebrew. I like to spread my studying out over the course of the week so that I don’t burn out. The short week last week wrecked havoc on my study routine and led to a rough day in class on Monday. This week I have been trying to get all my work done before the weekend because my wife and I will be going to visit my parents to celebrate my birthday this weekend.

Hebrew has been getting tougher as we delve deeper into the textbook. I have started to feel a little bit overwhelmed as we have started tackling pronominal suffixes and the level of memorization involved (in addition to the vocab we have to master) is very difficult for me. I still understand what is happening, but I have always struggled with the rote memorization of endings that learning a language like this requires. I struggled with this in Spanish, Greek, and now in Hebrew. The Hebrew is even harder to memorize because the suffixes do not have the similarities in sound that the Greek noun endings had. All that to say, the last two weeks have been tough and have taken a lot of time and energy.

I have been doing better at keeping up with the vocab than I have in other language classes. It’s hard to find a balance between memorizing vocab and memorizing tables in the textbook.

Other than Hebrew, the rest of my classes are going well and thankfully are not too difficult. This really was an ideal semester to start Hebrew in terms of the relative ease of the rest of my class schedule.



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