Music Lovers, It’s Time to Leave Itunes and Give the Zune Software a Go

A little over a year ago I gave into the Ipod cult and purchased an Itouch to use primarily for the PDA type features and the ability to take the internet with me in my pocket. Unfortunately, that also meant that I was stuck with Itunes (I know there is freeware out there, I just didn’t want to mess with it) to use for syncing up the device with my computer. I used Itunes as my primary music playing software for over a year before I finally got tired of it. The software is bloated, slow, and not very fun to look at. I went back to my trusty Windows Media Player for awhile because the software was much more responsive. Now, my computer is no slouch so there is no reason why Itunes should be so slow other than the software simply being bloated.

With Itunes trying my patience, I decided to search out a new media player to replace it as my primary desktop music software. I had heard a few good things about the Zune software but had never jumped on that bandwagon because I do no own a Zune. Well, I decided to give the software a try. I downloaded it and installed it and it found all my music with no problems. In fact, it has had far fewer issues pulling album art than Itunes had. After loading the software, I decided to start fiddling with it and was pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness and depth of features the Zune software provides.

My favorite feature of the software is the artist bios that it pulls down. You can browse through your collection and pick an artist and you can select an option to find out more about the artist. Selecting that option will take you to a screen where you can access their bio, pictures, and other works by the artist. I have been impressed that the software will pull bio info for even some fairly obscure acts and it is not just limited to the big names. This feature alone should be enough for true music lovers to give the Zune software a try. If you would like to know a little bit about the artists you have in your collection, you should definitely give this software a try.

The Zune software also beats Itunes hands down in terms of user interface. The interface is clean, modern, and makes browsing through your collection a joy. The screen that you can bring up when your music is playing features an ever changing background of all the album art in your collection.

I have not purchased any music from the Zune store, but a music lover should find the Zune Pass an appealing proposition. $15/mo lets you download as many songs as you want and keep them for as long as you have the subscription. Imagine how many new artists you could find with the ability to simply download whatever caught your eye without worrying about the cost. The other nice thing about the Zune Pass is that included in the $15 monthly fee is the option to permanently keep ten songs you downloaded. If you were to download 50 songs in a month, you could pick out your ten favorite songs and keep them at no extra cost. If you love finding new music, the Zune Pass allows a person to try anything that suits your fancy.

Really, what have you go to lose? Are you really that tied to Itunes? Yeah, I still have it so that I can sync my Ipod but happily the Zune software has replaced it as my music playback software of choice. So go out and try something different. The software is free and if you don’t like it, you can always uninstall it.

Below are some screen captures from the Zune software on my computer that show it in action:


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