A Birthday!

On Friday evening we celebrated my wife’s birthday! We had three couples from our Sunday School class over and we hung out in the courtyard of our complex. Our apartment is too small to put more than a few people in it at a time so we thought the courtyard would be the best place. The weather was perfect for being outside. The evenings are finally starting to cool off some here so being outside is not as much of an unpleasant proposition as it was just a few weeks ago.

I handled most the planning (what little there was) for our little shindig. I went out and bought several different types of root beer for root beer floats. The highlight of the root beer was a keg (yes, a real keg) of root beer. I also made a cake that turned out quite well.

The gift I bought for my wife was the 50th Anniversary edition of The Hobbit to go with the Lord of the Rings set I bought her for her birthday last year.

All in all, it was a fun and relaxing evening and my wife had a good time which means the evening was a success. Thanks to our friends for coming and helping us celebrate.



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