A Walk Down (Xanga) Memory Lane

Before Twitter was all the rage, when Facebook was limited only to college students, before WordPress and Blogger became the tools of choice for sharing thoughts on the internet; there was Xanga. I started my first blog on Xanga and posted on it from 2004-with a few posts in 2008. I archived a lot of my early Xanga blog posts because they are a bit like a journal of my early relationship with my wife. Here are a few posts from my Xanga days:


Sunday October 24, 2004

I just wanted to let everyone know a random piece of info. I decided that I really like the month of January.

I had a pretty good day. I actually got all my reading done for tomorrow. I did that even though I got back from church and slept for about three hours. I’m going to go to bed early tonight and try and get my body used to sleeping at night again.

I hope everyone had a great fall break. It is all down hill from here.

Well, I’m going to go and read my Bible before I get really tired.

I like January.

Posted 10/24/2004 at 10:11 PM
The above post was about a month after my wife (girlfriend at the time) started dating. The cryptic remarks about January are because we had already picked out a wedding date.
Thursday November 25, 2004

I’m home. I made the three hour drive without incident. I made usual stop at a convenience store in Asher to get something to drink. I picked up a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper and made the rest of the trip without stopping. Midnight performed admirably.

Now that I’m home I’m enjoying getting to spend quality time with my family. It is really nice to be home and have a couple of days to relax.

Close down at the dorm was pretty uneventful. I had some residents with some things that I will have to address sometime. For the most part things were minor and most of the rooms were in pretty good order.

I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I serve an awesome God. I have a loving family. I’m dating the most incredible and inspiring young lady to grace the universe. I’m able to go to a school that on paper I shouldn’t be able to afford. I live in America. God has blessed me in ways that I can’t even begin to describe. I am truly undeserving of His grace and mercy.

Laura, I miss you, a lot.

Posted 11/25/2004 at 2:47 AM
Tuesday December 14, 2004

The Origin of Caleb

The meteorite from the planet Kamboozlebob streaked through Earth’s atmosphere. It crashed to the earth with a thunderous explosion which caused a crater the size of a football field. Out of the egg crawled a “life form, tiny little life form, you precious little life form, where are you?” The life form reached toward his distant home of Kamboozlebob and cried “Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife!” Then a kindly little granny saw the life form and took him home and made him cookies and milk.

Posted 12/14/2004 at 12:50 AM

made it through J-Term! I now have an aditional 3 credits on my transcript. That means a couple of good things. I am officially a Jr. by hours and I now possess enough hours to start Officer Candidate School in March. The only bad thing is that I didn’t make an A in the class. I made a B. I guess I shouldn’t be too upset since the class didn’t really make much sense to me. A friendly word of advice, if you are a grounded person who tends to look at life as it really is and you don’t see the need to question everything, don’t take philosophy. That was my biggest problem, I don’t think like a philosopher. Heaven forbid you actually look at the world in concrete terms.Caleb’s Words of Wisdom from The Farm- I grew up around guns. I went on family hunting trips before I could walk. My Dad taught me how to shoot a real gun when I was six or seven. I got my first real gun when I was ten years old. Before my Dad gave my first real gun, he had given me a BB gun. He gave me the BB gun when I was about eight years old. I was the mighty hunter with my BB gun. I shot at pesky magpies and stray dogs (since I left the house, the stray dogs haven’t stopped coming around. My sisters won’t shoot at them and instead welcome them with open arms and a warm bowl of dog food. Due to this fact, the male stray dogs make themselves at home on our porch and with our two female dogs). I spent many long hours practicing my shooting skills with my BB gun. My practice usually consisted of shooting a paper plate. One day I got the bright idea to shoot at a metal coffee can. In theory this is not a bad idea, coffe cans make wonderful targets. So, I took my coffee can and set it about twenty or thirty feet from me. I pumped up my gun and fired. I knew I hit it because I could hear the ‘pink’ when it hit the metal. I decided to pump the ‘ol BB gun up more the next time to see if I could put a hole in it. I took careful aim and fired. I heard the BB hit the can and knew my aim had been true once again. Then came the unexpected gift. The can decided to fight back. It took my BB and threw it back at me and struck me in the forehead. This stung badly and left a temporary indentation in my head. I didn’t know cans could fight back! That wasn’t in the rule book! Needless to say, to this day, I have a fear of coffee cans throwing things at me.

Posted 1/29/2005 at 2:41 PM
Tuesday January 25, 2005

I feel bad. I’m on a Xanga guilt trip. Have you ever had a guilt trip from not posting? I’m sorry for taking so long to post again but there just hasn’t been much going on here OBU. My Philosophy of Religion final is on Thursday. The great thing is that I don’t have to take it. I chose to write a paper instead. I’ve already finished the paper and I’m in the process of fin tuning it. If I can make a solid A on the paper I will have a shot at an A in the class.

Now the moment you’ve waited five days for…

Caleb’s Words of Wisdom from the Farm- This is a very true story. I realize that this story does not necessarily need a farm to happen but the fact that it happened on the farm makes it applicable to the title. Did anyone ever go through a stage where they ran around pinching people? Yeah, I went through mine when I was about twelve or thirteen. My cousin, who was also the same age, was going through the pinching stage at the same time I was. We made this big game out of pinching each other, shouting “Pizza!” (for that is what we named our pinches), and running away from the other person laughing hysterically and trying to avoid getting “pizzaed” back. Well, one day my cousin came up and gave a particularly good “pizza.” Due to me thirteen year-old sense of manliness and pride, I could not let that “pizza” go without a proper payback. The old farm house I spent a good portion of my life in had three stories. My cousin and I were on the top floor when he “pizzaed” me. He started running down the stairs at full speed with me hot on his tail. When he was four or five stairs from the bottom he realized that I was gaining on him. I was just about to close in and give him a “pizza” he would never forget when…he jumped. That’s right friends, he jumped, from the fourth or fifth step. This is normally not a big deal for a thirteen year-old boy. However, there was a little suprise waiting for my cousin in the form of a doorway. As he flew through the air his head was level with the top of the door. Well, his head hit the top of the frame and  it stopped. The rest of his body continued to move forward and the momentum swung his body up in the air until it was at the same level as his head. When his reached the same level as his head he fell to the ground. He was laying their and not moving or making any sounds. I thought I’d killed him. Then he started holding his head and groaning. You know, it wasn’t that funny when it happened, but in retrospect it is really hilarious. To think we risked potential brain damage for the sake of a good “pizza.” The lesson that my cousin and I learned that day was that it was better to take a “pizza” over a shot to the head by the frame of a door.

ps- That is a true story with absolutely no exaggerations.

Posted 1/25/2005 at 6:20 PM
Monday January 17, 2005

I’m posting again. I’m working the ARC desk. I’ve been here for six hours. I still have an hour to go. I get paid to do this. It is wonderful. I’m writing short sentences. It is fun. I had a good day. I went to class. It was hard. I ate lunch. It was nasty. I went to work. I sorted my bank statements. My girlfriend helped me. It is romantic to sort statements. We watched a movie.

I’ve had enough of the short sentences. I’m excited because I get to go to a concert next month with my girlfriend. I bought tickets for us to go and see Steven Curtis Chapman at the Ford Center. I know what you’re thinking “SCC? That’s the stuff your parents like!” To this I say, SO WHAT! The man is an amazing songwriter and a very talented musician. I also hear that he does a great live show. I’m looking forward to it.

Caleb’s Words of Wisdom From the Farm- I was a bad child. When you grow up on a farm you have many chances to cause mischief. What I was but a wee lad, and my brother was even wee-ee-er (younger, I just thought I’d make a new and creative word), I got a bright idea. In a movie I had seen I observed a boy putting a stick into the spokes on the front wheel of another kids bike while he was riding it. The kid on the bike flew over the handle bars. My little brother was out riding his bike and I decided to give it a try (after all, your parents drill it into you that the things you see on TV aren’t real). I found an old metal antenna and stuck in the front wheel of his bike as he rode by. The TV did not lie. The front of the bike stopped and he flew over the handle bars while the back of the bike followed him over. I found the event quite humorous. Unfortunately, my little brother did not. He went and got my father. Me, having not learned the art of hiding evidence and myself, stood there holding the antenna. My father came up to me, took the antenna and he proceeded to turn it against me. Yes, I’ve received a spanking with a metal antenna. Did I deserve it? Yes. Did it psychologically damage me? No. Did I ever pull a stunt like that again? No. Do I have an unexplained fear of antennae? Yes. The lesson here, boys and girls, is the TV doesn’t always lie and when it tells the truth it is still not a good idea to follow its example unless you want to end up with antennaiphobia.

Have a wonderful day and remember: friends don’t let friends stick metal antennae into the spokes of their little brother’s bike.


Sunday January 16, 2005

Have you ever met someone with whom you just clicked? This person would have to be someone who you could talk to about everything from mutual funds to theology to the silly things that dogs do and everything in between. Have you ever met a person who lets be yourself more than anyone else? This person’s presence would not force you to try and put on an Oscar winning performance to be someone who you are not. If you meet a person like this, keep this person around.

I met a person who goes beyond all those amazing things. She is incredible. She is my best friend.

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of all my Xanga readers groaning about how sappy I am and about how bad I am at expressing those thoughts in writing and for having to wade through the mirey pool of my sappy writing. I’m sorry everyone. I’m really not sorry. I hope that everyone who reads this will one day find a friend about whom they can say the same things.

Now the moment you waded through all that sap to get to…

Caleb’s Words of Wisdom from The Farm- What farm boy is not captivated by fire and explosions? I used to love watching 300 acres of wheat stubble going up in smoke. Anyway, you know those wonderful aerosol cans of hair spray, WD-40, and ether? Well, I knew about them too. I was one of those weird children who actually read the warnings on the side. I think I did this for no other reason than to try and do exactly what the words on the can said not to do. If you read any kind of aerosol can you will find that it basically says, “don’t throw me in the fire because I will explode and take the whole farm with me.” Well, being the curious child that I was I felt it was necessary to test this theory. I got a roaring fire going in a burning barrel and tossed in a couple of almost empty cans of WD-40. I then proceeded to run a safe distance away to watch the spectacle. Well, the warnings aren’t lying. The pieces of the burning barrel spread farther than Mt. St. Helen’s ash. My father was not very happy and being a firm believer in corporal punishment (this is different from capital punishments like “the chair”) he made sure I always read and took to heart the warnings on the sides of the cans. The lesson learned: don’t blow things up when Daddy’s around, wait until he is on the tractor and can’t hear or see you (by the way, the 10 Commandments tell children to honor their parents if you want a long life. God knew what He was doing when he included this commandment and the part about the long life. If you don’t listen to your parents and you continue to play with explosives, the odds are you will not “live long in the land,” because you either got blown to smitherenes or your father put into practice the saying “I brought you into this world and I can take you out!”)

Wow! That was long. Obey your parents and in the words of Mr. Spock you will “live long and prosper.” Don’t forget to give the Vulcan gang sign when you say that!

Posted 1/16/2005 at 5:5 AM
Saturday February 26, 2005

I did something yesterday. It was a really good thing. It made me and another person very happy. I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. God gave me the most amazing gift when Laura became a part of my life. I cannot imagine spending my life without her. When I gave God control of that past of my life he did a much better job then I ever would have done at orchestrating all the incredible things that I have experienced since I met Laura. She is truly amazing and I’m honored to get to be such an important part of her life.

Laura Grace, thanks for being who you are and for letting me fall in love with you.

Posted 2/26/2005 at 7:29 PM
Tuesday January 10, 2006
Hi. At the end of this week…I will no longer be single. Can you believe that? I really don’t know how to describe the feeling that I will be married Saturday afternoon. It’s one of those things that you wait so long for that when the moment finally arrives it seems almost surreal.

Our apartment is pretty much done. We’ve got just about everything set up. I’ve painted a couple of our dining room chairs and I’ll probably try and get the other two done by Saturday.

In other news… I made it through another drill weekend. We had a 12 mile road march and I did well on that. I crossed the finish line first in my class. I also managed to escape with only tender feet, no blisters!

Other than that, not a lot happening. OBU is pretty quiet with most people still gone for January. It’s nice and peaceful.

Posted 1/10/2006 at 8:47 AM

4 days!!!
Posted 1/10/2006 at 6:36 PM by sweetpea_gal
I love you, almost hubby!
Posted 1/14/2006 at 12:12 PM by sweetpea_gal
So there you have it. Some old blog posts from my Xanga days. It’s good to remember those college days and see how much my wife and I have grown together. I should write silly stuff more often.

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