“Lie to Me”-or- When TV shows become unwatchable due to the blatant political bias and bigotry of the program

Earlier this year, when the Fox television program “Lie to Me” premiered, my wife and I were interested to see the program. Both of us have backgrounds in psychology so the idea of a show that was based on analysis of body language was intriguing. Well, we only lasted a handful of episodes before we had to turn the program off. I knew it wouldn’t go well when the show started painting conservative Christians as psychotic control freaks misled, in large part, due to their misguided adherence to an archaic and backwards religion.

This afternoon, I decided to give the show a final chance since I was curious about the season finale. I only made it through about half of the episode before I couldn’t take it any more. This time the show took great pleasure in pointing out the supposed inferiority of the previous presidential administration and the absolute superiority of the current one. Guess who gets painted as backwards and misguided? Yup, the conservative guy who is concerned with the national security of America. GASP!

I won’t say much more since I have been trying to avoid political commentary on this blog, but it really ticked me off. I’m not so naive to think that entertainment is going to be bias free, but “Lie to Me” takes it to unacceptable and absurd levels. There was no balance or nuance in the show’s view, it was straight up “conservative-republican-Christian” =bad and the source of many of the problems in the world. I gave “Lie to Me” two chances to win me over My signaturewith it’s interesting plot idea, but the political bias and bigotry of the show have rendered it unwatchable.


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