Song of the Day

I have often found that music is one of the most effective ministry tools that a person can use. Music has spoken to me when I have felt like I am in a spiritual funk and no amount of preaching or sermonizing can break through. I have decided to start a series in which I will periodically post songs that are meaningful to me. Hopefully you will take the time to listen to them and think about the words. Some days the songs will be slow and meditative, other days upbeat and energetic. I have pretty broad musical tastes so expect to see a lot of different stuff here. Unfortunately, I will have to limit what I post to songs that I can embed in the blog. It’s no fun to try and share a song and not have any music to go along with it.

So without further ado…the very first “Song of the Day”

This is a song that has been an encouragement to me ever since it was released ten years ago. I think that we often need to be reminded to “Be Still”

Song- “Be Still and Know”

Album- “Speechless”

Artist- Steven Curtis Chapman


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