Busy Times

The next four weeks are what I like to call “let’s see if we can utterly detroy the souls of students by forcing them to complete a crushing work-load so that eventually they can graduate and not have to do it anymore” weeks. Due to this fact, my blogging might be a bit limited. I have lately been stuck in a rut of between 4-6 posts per month, which really isn’t bad for someone who only goes to school, reads text books, goes to drill, and plays the occasional video game. Pretty boring.

I have two big papers coming due as well as a plethora of smaller projects so I will be focusing on getting them done in the next few weeks. The seminary also got their summer and fall class schedules posted and it looks like I may try to take 9 hours this summer. Six of those hours will be Hebrew and the other 3 will be an online class over 1 and 2 Chronicles. I know. I am certifiably insane to try and take a class on top of “suicide” Hebrew. That should give you an inkling of how ready I am to be done with school.

I may not survive the summer. Well, at the least my brain might turn to mush, and not from watching too much Hulu but from attempting to cram too much of a dead language into my grey matter.



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