Discovering New Tunes

I’m usually about a year behind when it comes to jumping on the bandwagon with latest and greatest offerings from the music industry. Perhaps this is just me trying to be counter-cultural by not listening to the “cool” stuff when everyone else is. Perhaps this is why I was one of the last people under the age 25 to get an Ipod. When I was in college, just about everybody walked to class with the Ipod’s signature white ear buds jammed in their ears. Seriously people, if the Ipod wasn’t a status symbol nobody would use the white ear buds because they have horrible sound quality.

Anyway, I’m rambling…back on task.

This afternoon while I was munching on a turkey sandwich and relaxing before my afternoon class, I stumbled upon an artist I had heard of but largely ignored. The singer is known as Duffy and I guess the reason I always ignored her is that I thought Hillary Duff had tried to reinvent herself, thus Duffy. I could not have been more wrong. Duffy is like a much cleaner version of Amy Winehouse. I’ve long liked the style of Amy Winehouse but I never bought any of her music because some of it can be pretty vulgar. So, I downloaded two of her songs from Amazon to listen to and decide if I want to purchase the CD. I really like her music and she has a great, soulful voice. You should check her out!

It is also worth noting, as part of my rebellion against culture, I refuse to buy any music on Itunes. Why? Well, I hate DRM for one thing. Plus, I also hate being limited to only playing my music on an Ipod. I like the mp3 format because I can play the songs on any mp3 player. I guess another reason is that I still have a fondness for CDs. There’s something nice about knowing that my computer gets fried, I still have all my music.

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