Three Wonderful Years

On January 14th Laura and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. The first two years of our marriage we didn’t really do too much in the way of celebrating other than spending a quiet evening at home. This was mostly due to the fact that right before our first anniversary we had just moved to Dallas and were both unemployed at the time. Our second anniversary I was away the week before doing military stuff and got back on the 14th so I was pretty worn out.

This year things worked out so that we could do something special. Laura’s new job in Fort Worth means that she has more time and is not nearly as worn out as when she had to make the commute to Dallas everyday. It also worked out that we both had a long weekend because I’m a student and she works at a university and we both had MLK Day off. I discovered a local bed and breakfast (Lockheart Gables) last week and booked a room for us. With the military discount and the discount for staying on an off day (Sunday-Monday) it ended up being very reasonable (important when you are a single income family).

Friday we celebrated by going out to eat at the fanciest place I have ever been, Texas de Brazil. Normally a place like this is WAY out of our price range ($43.00/person), but Laura signed up to get their emails and the month of your anniversary they send out a coupon that allows one person to eat free. We took advantage of the coupon and most likely committed the sin of gluttony in the process. If you have never been to a Brazilian Steakhouse and you like meat, go. The service and the food were both excellent and it was fun to see how “the other side” lives for an evening.

The only sad part about the weekend was that it had to end. We left the bed and breakfast this morning right after we finished our delicious breakfast. I had to get back to the apartment so that I could tackle the mountain of homework that is going to be commonplace for the remainder of the semester.

Overall, it was a great weekend and a wonderful way to celebrate three wonderful years of marriage to my beautiful wife.

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