Christmas 2008

Another year has come and gone and I was terrible about posting anything during the month of December. The last half of November was pretty busy for Laura and I. Laura started training at her new job at Texas Christian University where she is the Assistant to the Dean at one of the colleges.  She can’t stop talking about how much she enjoys her job. She actually came home for lunch today. That is something she has not been able to do for well over a year.

December 20th was an exciting day for me. I got to perform my brother and new sister-in-law’s wedding. It was my first wedding so I was honored that they had enough faith in me to let me officiate their big day. The wedding went well and was a great day for everyone involved. We were blessed to have a number of family members (Uncles Gene and Tom and his girlfriend Rose as well as the amazing 90 year old Grandma DeWeese) who made the long flight down from Washington state for the wedding and to spend time with the rest of my family. It was so nice having them as well as cousins Phil, Colleen, and Luke all there for the wedding. Phil and Luke were both groomsmen. Phil actually had not planned on being any more than an observer of the wedding. Plans changed when one of Mal’s groomsmen was unable to get out of Washington state due to his flight getting cancelled. Phil was happy to stand in. The challenging part was that Phil was replacing a guy who is well over six feet tall. If you know anything about my family, you know there are not many of us over 5’8. Phil is no exception, but with a little fancy needlework some quick thinking ladies were able to make the tux work.

Christmas was a lot of fun this year. We opened gifts on Christmas Eve with the aforementioned DeWesse’s and my entire family including new addition Shauna. Rose (who is a native of the Philippines) cooked a huge Phillippino dinner for us and Christmas Eve that was very good. I took great joy in spoiling my wife this year. Despite living most of the year on one income, God more than provided for us and I was able to surprise Laura with a few nice gifts.

We headed back to Fort Worth on the 26th to relax before I had to start my Winter Term class on the 29th. I will be getting three credit hours knocked out in less than two weeks. I have to be in class for five hours, but it is not a class I would want to stretch out over an entire semester.

Laura officially started her job today. These next few days will involve a lot of getting things in the office set up and organized and deciding what insurance plans to choose. I have been over to her office once so far and I really liked everyone that I met. I think she will be very happy there and only being a few miles from home is a huge plus.

That about sums up the Christmas holiday for Laura and I. Some might notice that I didn’t mention Laura’s family but that is because Thanksgiving is the big holiday for Laura’s family. We spend Thanksgiving with Laura’s family and Christmas with mine.

This semester will be a busy one for me. I am enrolled in 15 hours which is the heaviest load I have taken since my undergrad work. I am going to try and graduate in May of 2010 so I am going to have to push myself during every session between now and then, but with prayer and hard work I think I can make it.

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