Christmas Came Early

I really do enjoy Christmas. I know for some people it is incredibly stressful, but I usually don’t have that problem. When I was in elementary school I started buying gifts for my family members with my own money that I had earned. I still love to give gifts to people.

This Christmas the biggest gift came a few weeks early. My wife has been enduring a daily four hour commute to Dallas for the last year. This commute was a result of us moving to Ft. Worth so that I could be closer to the seminary and take a more regular class schedule. For twelve months her days have started at five in the morning when the alarm goes off and lasted until seven in the evening when she finally walks through the door of our apartment.

Laura started at a new job this week. The gift was made even better by the fact that her boss was able to work what was going to be a pay cut into a pay raise. We were fully expecting for Laura to have to take a pay cut, but things worked out for the better.

Laura now can sleep an hour or so later in the morning and gets home about two hours earlier. Having more time to spend with my wife is definitely the greatest gift I could ask for this year.



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