Stretching a Dollar Thanks to a Stewardship Class

This has been an interesting few months for me. I have been taking a class on the history of stewardship here at the seminary. The class could not have come at a better time as the world has been rocked by a financial crisis largely caused by bad stewardship. The class has been extremely helpful and has definitely made me consider ways in which I can be a better steward of what God has blessed me with.

One of the frustrating things about being in school for so long is the frustrating lack of practical experience that so often accompanies it. The stewardship class has been a blessing because I have been able to start practicing some of the principles in the class in my own life. I love it when a class actually has practical application outside of the classroom.

Here’s an example:

I like computer stuff. I bought my first computer when I was about thirteen years old and have been tinkering with them ever since. I’m be no means an expert, but I know enough to get in trouble and I like keep up with all the latest and greatest gadgets. I have been in a pattern of buying a new laptop every 3-4 years and I am closing in on the time when I would typically upgrade my laptop. My laptop had started to slow down of late and the call of shiny new technology was calling my name. I started looking at how much a laptop would cost to replace mine and I was looking at a price range of between $1300-1700. That, my friends, is a lot of money for something that’s going be outdated in a few weeks. So, I decided to seek alternatives.

I discovered that my laptop was running so slowly because of a hard drive that was nearly full. Being the brave soul that I am and wanting to prove to myself that I could do it, I decided to buy and install a new hard drive for less than $100. Well, it ended up working brilliantly. My laptop now runs quickly, quietly, and should last me for another two years. I also decided that I may end up buying a cheap netbook for myself to have something small and portable to take to class with me. We’ll see though.

So, the stewardship class has been one of the most practical and useful I have taken since starting seminary nearly two years ago. Who would have thought that one of the BIG TWO TABOO TOPICS (sex and money) would bring some of the most practical blessings to my life. A big thanks goes out to Dr. Preissler for teaching a great class with a relaxed atmosphere in which I have learned a lot. I’m looking forward to taking my next stewardship class in the spring semester.



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