Remembering to Be Thankful

I was sitting in class this afternoon and was reminded of how much I have to be thankful. Two Korean students mentioned financial need as a prayer request as financial contributions from supporters back in South Korea have been hurt by a poor exchange rate between the Won and the Dollar. I have to be honest,  the thought of exchange rates affecting people rarely enters my mind. The only time I have personally had to deal with exchange rates was when I went on my wife and I went on our honeymoon to Canada. We had a favorable exchange rate on that trip.

Hearing about the difficulties of these two Korean students reminded me how blessed my wife and I are. Sure, there are days, weeks, and months when things might be pretty tight, but God has always provided for us. In fact, we are certainly blessed with way more than could be considered a necessity.

The bad financial news of the past few months and the quiet prayer requests of two Korean seminary students have reminded me to be thankful. I think there are many people out there today who have seen all the bad news floating around and have forgotten how blessed they really are. Instead of thanking God for His provisions many are looking for answers and help from politicians and financial gurus. Today was a good reminder that, ultimately, it is God who provides and blesses and it is only in Him that true peace can be found.


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