Struggling to Find a Routine

Well, I’ve been back home for almost two weeks now. There is definitely not as much to post about since I finished CHBOLC.

I have been struggling to catch up with my seminary classes and get back into a routine of daily reading and study. I also decided to drop a class. I was taking 12 hours, but I decided that jumping into an advanced Greek class after missing two weeks was going to be too difficult.

I have also been talking to a couple of different people at the seminary about changing my degree. I am currently in the Advanced M.Div program. The biggest downside of the advanced degree, at least for me, is that it requires and extra semester of Greek and Hebrew (a total of 5 semesters of Greek and 4 of Hebrew where as the regular M.Div is 4 and 3 respectively). The languages are a huge struggle for me. If I switch to the regular M.Div, I will be done with Greek (the class that I dropped this semester was the 5th one) and I could finish Hebrew in 2 semesters if I did suicide Hebrew the first semester.

Basically it all comes down to seminary/school burn-out. I have been in school non stop since 2002. It also doesn’t help that I feel like a lot of my seminary classes aren’t really necessary (The Christian Home? Development of Christian Character and Decision Making?). It seems like the M.Div is full of a lot of classes that are either common sense for me or are repeats of information that I got in my undergraduate degree.

It also doesn’t help that my heart is not in seminary right now. It is with soldiers.

But, there is not much I can do about it except keep plugging. My wife and I are both in a place right now where we are not very content with our particular circumstances. I have to keep trusting that God is using this time to build character in both of us. I know that I am where I need to be right now, I just have to keep reminding myself of that. Still, it will be nice to be finished (whenever that is) and start ministering to soldiers. Plus, I would like to see my wife get the opportunity to work on her PhD in neuropsychology (yes, she is a genius).


One thought on “Struggling to Find a Routine

  1. Caleb, its interesting to me that I’ve learned more about you tonight from reading your blog than I did in 12 weeks of CHBOLC. I guess that’s what happens when there are over 200 fellow students. I’m moved by your desire to be with soldiers. My pastor gave a message on “Living in the Delay” this past Sunday. I was made aware that I had been there for the past five years while God prepared me for this ministry. Enjoy the journey, my brother.


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