CHBOLC: Day 83 “Tomorrow is Friday”

Today was more of the same. We had class and watched a lot of people role play. I think it is humorous that even when you get a group of Chaplain’s together, a role play involving two guys being husband and wife still illicits giggles. I guess that is one reason I have a hard time with this training. I can’t see a group of infantry soldiers really embracing the whole idea of role playing. It’s hard enough to get a group of Chaplains to do it.

On the plus side, my group’s role play went well today. The skits have been getting progressively more radical as we try to combat the boredom of this week. I got thrown across the room by a Chaplain much bigger than me as an illiustration of why we need to follow rules. We were playing musical chairs and I beat him to the chair and he tossed me across the room. It was great fun!

My wife and I are having a Skype dinner date this evening. I went to Jersey Mike’s and bought a sub and we’ll link up at around 8pm and enjoy a dinner and video chat together.


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