CHBOLC: Day 82 “All’s Quiet”

I am fairly confident that I will have very little to blog about this week as the classes we are taking right now are groaners. I never thought I would long for PowerPoint.

The classes we are doing right now are teaching us how to teach a Family Wellness Seminar. The curriculum is not very well put together for teaching to soldiers. Not to mention that I disagree with some of the methods that they advocate in parent/child relationships. The curriculum refuses to acknowledge that sometimes kids can’t be reasoned with or handled with kid gloves. Occasionally you just have to put your foot down and be the bad guy. Not to mention that corporal punishment is nowhere to be found in the pages of the seminar workbooks.

Anyway, I found a video today that really touched me. I have been a big fan of Steven Curtis Chapman for years. I have always admired his skill as a musician and a songwriter. The recent loss of his youngest daughter caused me to wonder how he and his family would cope with the horrible tragedy. This video of an interview with Steven and his wife shows how genuine their faith really is. What really amazes me is how secular reporters don’t seem to know how to handle their faith. I watched a clip of Larry King reflecting on an interview with the family, and while he said he was deeply moved by the family, he also said their faith could be viewed as a sort of crutch. Their story is one of incredible loss and a hope that transcends this world and that the world has a difficult time understanding.


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