CHBOLC: Day 81 “Memorial Service Video from Capstone”

Today was completely uneventful in terms of what we did in class. Today and the rest of the week we are supposed to be getting certified in how to conduct a family wellness seminar. Well, if today was any indication, it is going to be a long and boring week.

So, I will share with you the humorous memorial service that we put together when were out in the field last week. One of the Chaplains in our platoon has made a number of visits to sick-call for bug bites. This has led to an endearing nick-name (spidey pop) and an unceasing stream of jokes and one-liners at his expense. Thankfully, he has been a good sport about it and the memorial service that we conducted last week will stand as one of the highlights of my time at CHBOLC. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Hans for editing together two different angles and putting this video together.


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