CHBOLC: Day 80 “Staff Ride”

We went on a Staff Ride today that consisted of a stop at Charleston Air Force Base to observe a ramp ceremony on a C-17 and stopped and Forts Sumter and Moultrie. The ramp ceremony was conducted by the Air Force on their flight line and was well done. It was nice to get a feel for how a ramp ceremony actually looks.  The Air Force Chaplains were very hospitable and even provided us with doughnuts in their Chapel (something the Army hasn’t done yet).

After the stop at the Air Force Base we boarded the buses and headed to Patriot’s Point. Patriot’s Point is where we boarded the ferry for Sumter and also where all the pictures of the aircraft carrier (Yorktown) are from. We had a Chaplain getting promoted today so they did the ceremony on the flight deck of the carrier. That was pretty cool and it was the first time I have been on a Navy ship. I wish I could have had more time to explore the carrier and all the other vessels parked at Patriot’s Point though.

Fort Sumter was neat and the historians giving the tour really helped bring the history to life. I didn’t realize how big a role Charleston played in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars until today. We also spent a brief amount of time at Fort Moultrie which played a crucial role in the Revolutionary Wat protecting the harbor.

Anyway, I think the pictures will tell the story better than I can.


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