The Political Battle for the Religious Soul of the Chaplaincy

I read an article this evening that reminded just how violently some people seem to oppose the protestant evangelical majority in the military Chaplaincy. I am curious what your thought are about the issue and what your initial reaction is to this article.

My initial reaction was one of frutration because I greatly value the opportunity to minister to soldiers and don’t want an outside group coming in and telling me how I can or can’t conduct ministry. One of the reasons all Chaplains go through a three month basic course is so that they can learn to perform or provide the religious needs of all soldiers (as the mission allows).

I encourage you to read the entire article and then leave your thoughts. Here is a brief excerpt:

Under Orders is also an unabashed promotion of Christianity, in spite of the deceptive appearance in the its early chapters that Chaplain McCoy is merely encouraging the reader to explore spirituality in general and is open to the concept that there are many religious paths. And, while never actually vilifying any other religion, and even acknowledging in a number of instances the common beliefs of Christians, Jews, and Muslims, as well as the value of any religion (as opposed to no religion), a gradually increasing emphasis on the “truth” of the Christian religion is evident as the book progresses, culminating in the all-out Christian evangelism of its last two chapters. In fact, the change in tone from the beginning to the end of this book is so striking that if I had read only the first two and last two chapters I wouldn’t have thought they came from the same book.

Full article:



2 thoughts on “The Political Battle for the Religious Soul of the Chaplaincy

  1. Caleb, thanks for the article post. It’s interesting. Somebody should tell her the Army reserves the right to evangelize the unaffiliated too. And we need to clear up for her the distinction that not all “no religious preference” soldiers are actually non-theists…
    soli deo

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