CHBOLC: Day 69 “Field Service, Finally and PT Improvements”

Not much to report today, but I finally figured out a way to let you view my field service. I had to reformat the file to make it much smaller (it also dramatically reduced the quality, sorry) and I uploaded it to a file hosting site. You can access the file from there.

Field Service

I also took a PT test this morning. I was a bit concerned about it because of some of my ailments mentioned in previous posts. Well, I ended up improving on everything. This was the final PT test of CHBOLC and I am pleased that I saw improvement on each of the tests. Hopefully, I can maintain and improve on this level of fitness once I return home. We shall see how my school schedule fits with continuing and adding to the work-out routine I started here.


One thought on “CHBOLC: Day 69 “Field Service, Finally and PT Improvements”

  1. I found your blog while searching the web for US Army Chaplaincy information. I have begun the process of entering the Army as a Chaplain. Your blog nas been a great encouragement to me. Thank you. Please feel free to email me; I would love to talk to a brother with interest similar to mine.

    Dave Cotner

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