CHBOLC: Day 67 “Field Service”

I have been trying to upload my field service to YouTube all day, but the file is so large that it is still processing. When the file is done loading I will post it here.

Overall, I felt that the service went well. I have very little experience preaching so I was a bit nervous about the whole thing. I know that watching the video has already helped me see some things that I need to improve on (i.e. I tend to sway a lot, I think it is nervous energy or the need to feel like I am addressing everyone all the time).

My passage was Psalm 3, and I hope the video gives a small idea of the kind of messages Chaplains give and situations that Chaplains will face.

One thought on “CHBOLC: Day 67 “Field Service”

  1. One of the things I and many of my more ministry experienced classmates enjoyed about CH-BOLC was the enthusiasm of the seminary students for discussions on theology and preaching. Now, I remember how nervous some of them were about preachng.

    I’m sure you did a good job. Something that can help you greatly is to preach as often as possible and find someone you trust to critique you. I had a Sr. Pastor for 5 years that helped me develop so much as a result of that process.

    Preaching is definitely a spiritual gift, but it takes a lot of time and effort to fully develop. If you put the time in (and I can tell you will), God will bless your preaching ministry greatly.

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