CHBOLC: Days 63-65 “Weekend Retreat”

We are currently still at the retreat site. I will update on Sunday afternoon with new and a few pictures of the weekend.



Well, we made it back from Ridgecrest at about 1400 this afternoon. The trip was not the time of rest and relaxation that it was made out to be, but the training was good nonetheless.

Apparently this was the first time that they had done this training offsite and I must confess that the change of venues was nice. It would have been even nicer if the weekend had been an actual retreat rather than simply moving the training to a different spot.

The training that we did was a “train the trainer” seminar on the “How Not to Marry a Jerk (or Jerkette)” curriculum. The man who wrote the book and the curriculum was there to teach us (Dr. Van Epp). He did a great job presenting the material in an engaging way and I am looking forward to using the seminar myself someday. All the Chaplains who went through the seminar this weekend are now certified to teach the class and we will all be getting the curriculum oursevles.

One of the highlights of the weekend was a morning run with our SGL (CH H.). Ridgecrest is in the NC hill country (incredibly beautiful scenery) and the conference center is nestled among the hills. We went on a nice run up and down some of the steep hills around the center and our SGL used it as a time to teach us how a Chaplain can conduct a spiritual fitness run. It also helped that it had cooled off to about 60 degrees that morning so the run was a lot more relaxing without the searing heat and humidity we have been dealing with.

I hope that USACHS continues to go to Ridgecrest, but I hope they change it into an acutal spiritual retreat instead of merely off site training. I think everyone would have benefited from a quiet weekend in the woods to reflect on the last two months and the journey ahead.

Well, I’ve got a little bit of time left before my early bed-time calls so I am going to relax for awhile. Tomorrow we start all over again.


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