CHBOLC: Day 55 “Another day, Another dollar”

It is interesting to me the dramatic variance between the instructors here. While I respect all of them, their experience, and their knowledge; there are some who are more engaging teachers than others.

This morning we had a very interesting class on the ethics of killing and evil (taught by CH Au.). Needless to say, some interesting discussion ensued. Basically the discussion centered around the role of the Chaplain in an Army whose primary purpose is to efficiently and effectively deal death and destruction. Is the role of the Chaplain to make the soldier a better killer?

It’s a tough question and one the does not have an easy answer. I am curious what your thoughts are. This is one that I am still struggling to formulate a good asnwer to. I think a good answer would be that the Chaplain provides the moral compass for the unit and reassurance to the soldiers questioning the violence of war that the cause they are fighting is indeed just and that the violence they are a part of will ulitmately lead to a greater peace. Along the same lines, if a unit going out on patrol asked me to pray for them; I would pray for their protection and that violence would be minimized or avoided all together (i.e. praying that the enemy would have a change of heart and not carry out their mission that day). I would not be able to pray that God would turn the soldiers into lethal killing machines. As a Christian, I believe that the government has a right to bear the sword. However, my faith also demands love and expresses an ideal of peace. I reconcile the violence of the Army and career with the organization with the belief that ultimately the Army will bring more peace than the violence it is required to carry out.

Here are a few pictures from the field services yesterday that were led by CH Al. and CH Am.


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