CHBOLC: Day 48 “A Bit of a Gain”

The big thing that happened today was PT test # 2. I have never failed a PT test since basic training, but for some reason, I still get nervous before I take them. There are some people who are more physically gifted than I am and who could take a PT test without working out and pretty much pass the thing. I have always had to spend months preparing in order to pass and get a fair score.

I was most nervous about my push-ups. As you recall, I have a ganglion cyst in my wrist and it will periodically flair up and make doing any kind of push-up painful. Thankfully, my wrist held out and was actually pain free. I was able to get 48 push-ups. That is not great, but it is 8 better than last time and I hope to be in the low to mid 50’s on my next test.

Sit-ups I wasn’t too worried about and I knocked out 61, 5 more than last time. I think I should continue to see small improvements here as well.

After doing push-ups and sit-ups I was a little bit nervous about my run. I was the last in my group to do sit-ups which meant less recovery time before the run. I ended up running about 14:53 which is over ten seconds better than my last test. I expect to see a faily healthy drop in the time on my next test if I am able to keep running with A group for PT.

I wanted to let you know that this will be last post until Monday. I will be travelling this weekend. I will update you on my travels when I return. Until then, feel free to browse through my previous posts!

Thanks to everyone who has been reading my site!


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