CHBOLC: Day 45 “Smoked”

I took the plunge today. I saw that the “B” running group was getting too large and would be little more than a giant slinky so I decided to run with “A” group this morning. Well, I survived but it made me feel tired all day. I know that if I keep running with “A” my time will definitely improve. I plan to do my best to keep running with them and maybe by the end of the course I will be able to keep pace for the whole run.

There is not much else to report today. We had a few classes and some panel disuccsions with Sr. officers and NCO’s. This evening 1st Platoon went out to dinner to say goodbye to our SGL leader. She is moving on in her career. We all signed a card and gave it to her and I took one of the platoon pictures that I took at the end of CIMT and put all of our names on the bottom, framed it, and presented it to her. It was my last action as S-5 and I have officially turned all duties over to the new S-5.

Not much else to report. I get to see my wife on Friday and I’m greatly looking forward to that.


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