CHBOLC: Day 42 “A Short Day and a Week Away”

Today was the official end of Phase 1 of CHBOLC. The day started out promising with Ultimate Frisbee scheduled for PT. Well, our NCO’s were administering a PT test so there was no one there to make sure we didn’t kill each other in our zeal. When we received word that PT was cancelled, all but ten of us headed back to get an extra 30 minutes. 10 soldiers from 1st Platoon stuck around and played a good game of Ultimate Frisbee. Our SGL played and Major Br. even jumped in and played a good portion of the game with us. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad we stayed out on the field. Yet another reason why 1st Platoon leades the way (I know, I’m biased).

Chapel was good today. We three members of 1st participate and all of them did a great job. Special kudos to CH Hu. for demonstrating his Kung Fu skills during the sermon!

Today we also got to observe an Air Force Chaplain being given a Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal in an Army building. Apparently this was quite the historic event. It was neat to see Chaplain from all the different branches gathered in on place.

I confess to being a bit melancholy today. A good portion of our platoon left this morning so our side of the classroom felt empty and awfully quiet. After spending over 40 days with the same people, they start to feel like family and seeking them leave has put a damper on my mood all day. Thankfully, we were released at noon and I have been able to spend this afternoon relaxing.

One week from today I will see my wife for the first time since I left for CHBOLC.


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