CHBOLC: Day 41 “Cici’s and Goodbyes”

I am getting a late start on this tonight so I will have to brief. We are playing ultimate frisbee for PT again tomorrow and I need to be well rested!

Today was the last real day for a number of people in our platoon. It was a good day for a last day. The day began with a prayer breakfast. The speaker at the prayer breakfast was retired Sergeant Major of The Army Robert Hall. He had a lot of good insights to share from his very long career on the enlisted side of the Army. I even got my picture taken with him!

This evening all but a few members of our platoon gathered at Cici’s Pizza to have a farewell dinner for those who are leaving our platoon. We had a good time visiting and fellowshipping and it is always a little bit hard to say goodbye to the people you have spent the last forty days sweating, marching, running, laughing, and watching endless PowerPoints with. Also, 2LT Rv had “Happy Birthday” sung to him in Spanish by a group of Cici’s employees and in Chinese by globe-trotting platoon leader.

That’s it for this evening. Here are some pictures from our dinner this evening.


One thought on “CHBOLC: Day 41 “Cici’s and Goodbyes”

  1. 2LT Caleb, Good to see you are getting along well. I will be getting to SC tomorrow (SAT). I am in 2nd PLT and we are all staying off post. I’ll give you a call when I get settled.


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