CHBOLC: Day 39 “Happy Birthday”

I have found out that PT is one of the more enjoyable times of day for me. Our platoon has a way of making even difficult things like PT fun by someone making a random wisecrack during the middle of a push-up or some other such exercise. After PT I typically feel pretty awake and ready to tackle whatever the day throws my way. That all changes as soon as I walk into the classroom. It’s like a psychological switch in my head goes off. It takes little more than an hour in the classroom for boredom and fatigue to start to kick in. Hours of powerpoints and the reading of slides will do that.

The other highlight of the day was a particularly awesome member of 1st Platoon had a birthday today. He was a great sport about it and even laughed while we had a bit of fun at his expense. Happy Birthday, LT Ri.! I hope 1st helped make it memorable. Oh, and props to CH Prz and CH Par for the cookie cake…great idea.

I accidentally deleted the other photos so this is the only one I have :(.


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