CHBOLC: Day 35 “Friday, Just War, and Waxing Eloquent”

Today was a pretty normal day. We had PT this morning, Chapel, SGL time, and then class. I confess that I have a tendency to zone out after about the 25th PowerPoint of just about any class. The class that was the most interesting today was the Just War class. Whenever the topic of just war is brought up debate is sure to follow. Today was no exception as some posed questions about the Manhattan Project and the use of the atomic bomb on Japan. Others posed questions about the ethics of the current conflict in Iraq and the Global War on Terror.

I have opinions on all of these. However, since I took an oath and put on the uniform I agreed to go wherever my nation sends me, whether or not I agree with a conflict is completely irrelevant. I suppose that is why I stayed out of the debate today. The way I see it, my calling to the Chaplaincy is a calling to minister to soldiers and to help them cope with the horrible realities of war. While I hold opinions about the conflicts our nation is involved in, arguing over them in front of a bunch of soldiers does not do anyone any good. At the end of the day we all volunteered to do this job even it means going to a war some don’t agree with. The best thing a Chaplain can bring to battle with him is his faith and not his political opinions.

As the title says, today is Friday. I am planning on relaxing this evening and maybe watching a movie or two in my room. Tomorrow I think I will go for a leisurely run and work on the assignments that are due next week.

In other news…

Phase 1 is over next week…

I get to see my lovely wife two weeks from today…

It has been 35 LONG days since I have seen my wife…

I can hardly wait to see my wife…

Ok, enough of that. I miss my wife and so does everyone else here. That’s part of the camaraderie. We are all in this together and going through separation together. Thank goodness 1st Platoon has a some people with great senses of humor or the last 35 days wouldn’t have been half as fun.

Enjoy your weekend. I will.


One thought on “CHBOLC: Day 35 “Friday, Just War, and Waxing Eloquent”

  1. Caleb,

    I just wanted to let you know I have really enjoyed reading your blog these last several weeks. I have to report tomorrow (Sunday) for the offset course and everything you have written has helped me really get a feel for what the CIMT and Phase 1 are like. Good luck with the rest of your time at Ft. Jackson!


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