CHBOLC: Day 34 “Raquetball, Subs, and Weak Wrists”

We had another full day of class today so I won’t bore you with the boring details. My platoon has set up a raquetball tournament and I decided to take part in it. Now, this is significant because before today I had never played the game. The LT I was playing was kind enough to teach me and play two practice games with me before our actual game. Well, I lost (no surprise) but I had fun and it was a good work out.

I started to notice as our third game stretched on that my right wrist (the one I wrote about before with the ganglion cyst) was starting to feel very weak. I finished out the game but even now my wrist is still feeling weak. It had been doing better and I have started doing regular push-ups again (rather than on my fists). I hope that the weakness is just temporary. If it hangs around I will probably go to sick-call again and see what they can do for me. Ideally, once I pass my PT test for record, I would like to have the thing treated. I would like to get it taken care of while I’m on orders so that it doesn’t cost anything.

I closed out the day with a good dinner at a sub place called Jersey Mikes. It was a nice break from my usualy routine of TV dinner…soup…burrito…repeat. If you are in a place that has a Jersey Mikes, they are worth checking out.


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