CHBOLC: Day 33 “Change Is in the Air”

Other than class and the usual never ending barrage of PowerPoints, many people in our platoon are getting ready to give up some responsibility to another platoon member. Our platoon has a number of positions that are considered “leadership positions” in some way. We have six “S” sections with each section covering duties ranging from one that deals with personnel issues and another who is in charge of all of our equipment. I am the S-5. I get to plan all of our platoon outings (like our trip to the pizza place a couple of weeks ago). I defintely have not had the hardest job in the platoon, but it will be nice to hand the responsibility off to someone else for the rest of the training cycle. We will also be switching out our platoon leader and squad leaders. So far, all of them have done a great job in what was arguably the toughest (at least physically) phase of CHBOLC. It will be interesting to see who will be filling those shoes.

1st Platoon will also be seeing another major change as we are in the process of getting a new Small Group Leader. Our current SGL (CH. R.) has been given the opportunity for some more schooling so that left us with the need for someone to the job. We got to meet our new SGL for the first time today (CH H.). He seems like a good guy with a lot of experience under his belt. Hopefully we will be able to learn a lot from him over the next 7+ weeks.

That’s it for today!


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