CHBOLC: Day 32 “Endless PowerPoints…Endless Questions”

Today started out with a pretty tough PT session. One of our sergeants gets a sort of sadistic pleasure out of assigning values of push-ups and sit-ups to the individual cards in a deck of playing cards. I defintely hit muscle failure on my push-ups and was extremely close on my sit-ups. The playing cards certainly make for some effective PT and lead to a lot of jokes about denominations that are/have been averse to them and their inherent sinfulness.

The PT was tough, but it was nothing compared to a full day of PowerPoints. Now, I have to give a good deal of credit to Chaplain C. and the Chaplain Museum historian. The historian gave a great overview of the history of the Army Chaplaincy and sparked my interest to do further reading and research on my own.

The hardest part about the classes is the endless stream of questions from the students. Sometimes even harder to stomach than the questions are the students who attempt to commandeer the class from the instructor and teach it from their own experience. Now, I understand that their are many soldiers here who have valuable experiences, but there is a time and a place to share them. Standing up five or six times during a single day to interject an opinion makes the person seem like a know-it-all and causes people to automatically stop listening when the person begins to speak.

Fortunately, my platoon has an unspoken policy of “before you as a question, ask your buddy” and “no dumb questions.” So far we have been able to get most questions answered within our platoon without taking up valuable class time getting our individual whims taken care of.

We have a few things coming down the pipe that will help break up the endless PowerPoints and should make for some more interesting blog posts. Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “CHBOLC: Day 32 “Endless PowerPoints…Endless Questions”

  1. SSG Lop… is great. He really cares about turning out the best chaplains possible. At this point, he knows the biggest way he can affect you is physically. In my opinion he, SSG A. and SSG Lof… are three of the best 56M’s in the army.

    CH C. is great and very deserving of his upcoming promotion.

    Ahhhh… the question askers. Our platoon made a game out of it. During March madness we made up full 64 person brackets with rankings and filled them out. Whoever said anything in class loud enough for everyone to hear (even a hooah) first would advance to the next round. One day, during a particularly uninteresting class, the final four were all up front volunteering for a role play. Our whole platoon was literally on the edge of our seats. The instructor had no idea and thought we were just that interested. We also would set over/under for ticks that certain instructors had. I guess this could be construed as mean or disrespectful (one female LT who always was a 1 seed found out and got mad), but it kept us awake.


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