CHBOLC: Day 31 “Bad News, Relief, and Improvement”

Today started off well enough. It was a run day for PT and since we had some new folks joining us for Phase 1, we did a timed 2 mile run on the PT track to figure out what ability group to put the new people in. I have been sick for the last two weeks and I’m still not at %100 and I still manged to knock 15 seconds off of my time from the PT test in June. We have another PT test in a little over two weeks and I hope to see some more improvement. My only fear is the ganglion cyst in my wrist getting worse. I will probably end up just doing the minimum amount of push-ups again in order to keep from injuring my wrist further.

Now…the bad news: I am the best man in a wedding later this month. I bought plane tickets months ago having received some wrong information from a staff member here that missing one day of training at that point would probably not be a deal breaker. So, I booked my ticket. I found out today that that I could not miss the training. I had to cancel my ticket. Well, the ticket was non-refundable and non-transferable. That left me with a voucher for U.S. Airways and no way to get to the wedding.

Well, I went to see the travel agent here on post and she helped me find a ticket that fit into the training schedule and will actually be more convenient for me. WHEW! The downside is that we are out over $500 for the ticket. Oh well, my experience in the Army has taught me many things; “Semper Gumby” -always flexible- being one of them. Hopefully I can find a use for the voucher.


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