CHBOLC: Day 28 “Independence Day and a Thunderstorm”

My day was pretty boring up until this evening. A group of guys from 1st platoon got together to play cards in one of our rooms. The room happened to be on the 4th floor and afforded us a pretty good view of both the fireworks display on Ft. Jackson and the thunderstorm rolling through Ft. Jackson. So, being the studious hobbiest photographer that I am, I snapped about 300 pictures using my tripod and remote shutter release. I ended up deleting about 200 of them and I have another 60 or so photos that aren’t great, but aren’t bad enough to send to their doom in the recyle bin. A handful turned out very well and I will share them with you this evening.

I hope everyone had a great 4th. I wish I could have spent mine with my wife, but hopefully I will be seeing her later this month if I can get approval to fly home for a wedding.

Now…the pictures:


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