CHBOLC: Day 27 “Ultimate Frisbee, Berets, and Class Pictures”

Today was officially the last day of CIMT and the kick-off of the long 4th of July weekend. We started out the day with a nice change of pace. Instead of our usual PT session, we divided up into platoon and played Ulitmate Frisbee against each other. I am proud to report that my platoon (1st) went all the way and won the championship!!

Following PT, we had a short class on how to fill out a travel voucher form. When the class was over, we headed outside and donned our berets during the beret donning ceremony. That means that from now on, unless we are in the field, we will be wearing our berets as a part of our uniform.

When the ceremony was over, the class gathered for a class picture and then 1st platoon took a platoon picture as well. We used my camera. The lighting was horrible (i.e. extremely bright with dark shadows makes for pictures that overly contrasted and blown-out) and the pictures aren’t as clear as I would like (also due to the fact that I can’t yet justify plunking down the money for a true wide-angle lens for my SLR). However, if you know who you are looking for, you can make them out in the pictures.

A lot of people had family come in for this weekend or took off to visit family. It was not possible for me to see my wife this weekend so I will try to keep myself busy by taking pictures of fireworks tomorrow night and then making a roadtrip to NW South Carolina to walk through some state parks to take pictures.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!


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