CHBOLC: Days 25-26 “PowerPoint, A Group, and a Night on the Town”

I will do my best to keep doing daily posts, but there are some days when I just don’t have that much to report. Yesterday was all class time, most of which would not be very interesting to blog about. We had an introductory class of pluralism. We will be getting more in depth with that later. Even in our short class there were already some people who got their feathers ruffled by the idea. We’ll see how things go when really dig into the topic.

We also had classes on eithcs, the Uniform Code of Militay Justice, and homosexuality. They were all good classes, but I personally had a hard time staying awake. I went to sick-call on Monday because I started feeling downright miserable over the weekend. While we were at the FTX last week, three of us were sleeping in a row in the tent. Well, one person got sick while we were there and passed it onto myself and another soldier. The Army is a firm believer in medication. One of the pills they gave me states that it “may cause drowsiness.” There is no “may” about it. It took all my will power to stay awake yesterday so that probably contributed to my lack of learning in the class.

Today was a run day for PT. Due to some of the cadre being out today, the A and B running groups were combined. I normall run with the B group (A is fastest, B second fastest). The run really wasn’t that bad, I’m just still a bit sick. I stayed in formation for the whole run (this was made easier by the fact that I was a rear road-guard) but I was definitely having a harder time breathing than normal. My goal is to be running with A group by the end of July. I have no doubt that I can get there if I work hard enough.

After PT we had some review time and took a couple of short tests over The Army and IMDC (isolated, missing, detained, or captured). I have learned over the years that the way the Army tests is not suited to my learning style. I have always had to study, even for simple tests. I am not very good at going through a class and then taking a test on it immeidately following the class. I need time to digest the information, review, and continue studying on my own. Well, the Army believes in teach the class and then test the material as soon after the class as possible. Oh well, I passed all the tests and that is what ultimately matters.

Our platoon went out to eat this evening to celebrate the completion of CIMT and to mourn the loss of one of our own. One of our soldiers is only here through the end of CIMT so the dinner was also a send-off for him. We ate at The Original Italian Pie. It is a small chain with very good personal size pizzas. As the platoon S5 it was my job to plan the event, and I think it worked out well. A special thanks to the LT who suggested we go there.

All in all, a good way to wrap up CIMT. Tomorrow should be a short and easy day and then I will have a long weekend. Part of me is not looking forward to the long weekend because it gives me a lot of freetime to miss my wife.


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