CHBOLC: Day 12 “Ganglion Cysts, Graphic Photos, and First Aid”

Today was a pretty slow day for me. I missed PT this morning because I needed to go to sick-call to have my injured right wrist checked out. The Dr. said that what I have is a ganglion cyst. She said there is not much that can be done in the way treatment if I were to have it removed by surgery I would miss valuable training time and would potentially be unable to graduate. She put me on a “no push-up” profile because that particular type of pressure on my wrist is what hurts the most. I still plan on doing push-ups on my own. The only difference is that I will do them on my fists so that I do not put the extra pressure on my wrist. Hopefully that will be enough to maintain my push-up performance for the last PT test that I have to pass to graduate.

We spent our entire day in the classroom. From what I understand, most of the last 2/3 of the course will be spent in the classroom as well. I am not looking forward to those long days of endless PowerPoint presentations. Anyway, a group of Reserve NCO’s doing their two week annual training period is teaching the classes. Today and tomorrow are first aid classes. During the slide show today, some of the slides were accompanied by graphic photos of injuries that have been sustained in combat or as a result of an accident. The photos were truly stomach-turning and a reminder of one of the more difficult parts of the Army Chaplaincy: ministering to those who have arms, legs, faces, and various other body parts blown off. I am trusting that God will give me the strength and wisdom to provide comfort during those horrible times.

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