CHBOLC: Day 10 “Sappie Plates, Ammo Boxes, and Obstacle Courses”

This post is only going to cover what we did this morning since our afternoon was spent doing Drill and Ceremony practice which really does not lend itself to blogging.

This morning we had what I would call our first road march. We actually wore our rucks, although they probably did not have more than twenty pounds in them. We didn’t go very far, so the march was pretty easy.

The obstacle course we did today is called the “Team Building Course.” As the title suggests, you have to negotiate the obstacles in teams. It is difficult to describe, but basically each of the six obstacles required us to move something from one side of the obstacle to the other. You will get an idea of how it worked when you see the pictures. However, there is a catch. Not only did the obstacles require that we move our goal (ammo box, a dummy) to the other side, but we also had to get our entire team to the other side and all of our equipment (wouldn’t want to leave it lying around for the enemy to take). The result was a frantic 35-45 minute (the obstacles has varying times to complete them) rush to figure out a plan and execute it all while trying to sort through the ideas and opinions and ten different people. It was a challenge and it did indeed build teamwork.

All in all it was a good day. I am getting a good tan on the back of my neck. By the time I see my wife I should have a sexy farmer’s tan going on!

Here are the pictures from today. Also, I am in the process of uploading all my pictures from the past few days to my public Google albums page.


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