CHBOLC: Day 3 “Pro Masks and Dentists”

Today was even more uneventful than yesterday, but the day went by much more quickly thanks to less downtime. As with each day this week, I was up dark and early to make it to formation. After formation, we went and drew a few supplies. I was surprised that we didn’t draw more than we did. We only drew our sleep system, pro mask, and Interceptor Body Army System (IBAS). I expected to draw a ruck, load bearing vest, and a few other things, but I guess that will have to wait for another day.

When we finished drawing our gear, I made sure I was on the first bus out of there. I’ve learned that if you get through the line first, that means you get some down time while everyone else is going through. I also ended up at the front of the line at the dentist. I went through the process and found out, that despite not having been to the dentist in nearly seven years, my teeth are in great shape and only need a cleaning.

Well, as I predicted, finishing up at the dentist first did give me some free time. I had roughly two hours in the morning to come back to my room, make a descent sandwich to eat for lunch, get a few phone calls made, find and walk through the commissary, and catch about a fifteen minute nap before I had to be back to the classroom. All in all, I feel pretty good about the morning because I didn’t spend the whole time standing in line or sitting in a class room waiting on people.

Thankfully the afternoon did not consist of any dead time as we had several classes to go through. Most of the stuff was old hat for me since I have quite a bit of prior service experience. We were released before too late in the day, and I had a enough time to go for a sweaty run, eat a microwave dinner, watch the most recent episode of Battlestar Galactica, and write this blog entry; all before 2000 hours.

I only have a few pics from today, and none of them are very interesting, but I’ll post them anyway.

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