CHBOLC: Day 2, “Hurry Up and Wait!”

After six years in the Army you learn the art of “hurry up and wait.” Today I got up 0400 so that I could make it to a 0450 formation. From that formation we went to get our blood drawn. The place where we got blood drawn didn’t even open until around seven. Hurry up and wait.

It took until almost 1200 to get blood drawn. Then we had a lunch break of about 45 minutes. After that we had several briefings. After that we went to buy clothes. After that we sat around for 2 1/2 hours. After that we got to come back to our rooms.

As you can tell there is a lot of dead time in that schedule. This day was a fine example of hurry up and wait. I must say that we did end the day on a high note. We got, what was for some, there first smoke session ever. Now, compared to the smoke sessions of Basic and OCS this nothing. Fifty overhead arm claps done in cadence and as a four count exercise. Getting that little bit of smoking was a wonderful reprieve from a day of doing nothing.


One thought on “CHBOLC: Day 2, “Hurry Up and Wait!”

  1. In case you’re wondering, the NCO’s can do 200 4 count hand claps.

    In general the smoke sessions weren’t bad at all. The hardest part of CH-BOLC is staying awake during the death by PPT in phase 2 and 3. CIMT and Capstone are the fun parts.

    Enjoy the Columbia summer. I spent 4 years there and July -August is absolutely brutal.

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