Preparing for CHBOLC: My Tentative Packing List

Here is a packing list that I came up with off the top of my head. This is in no way an official packing list. I already have most of my uniforms because I was enlisted before I became an officer and had them issued to me.

Packing List

Bathroom Stuff

1. Toothbrush

2. Toothpaste

3. Deodorant

4. Sunblock

5. Mouthwash

6. Razor

7. Shaving Cream

8. Bathroom Bag

9. Shampoo

10. Bodywash

11. Bug spray

Army Stuff

1. 3 ACU Uniforms ( I will probably buy one more upon arrival at Ft. Jackson)

2. 2 Pairs of boots

3. 1 ACU cover (hat)

4. 2 ACU belts (black and tan)

5. 7 pairs boot socks

6. 7 pairs white PT socks

7. 2 pairs dress socks

8. All ACU patches

9. 1 long sleeve dress shirt (class A)

10. 1 short sleeve dress shirt (class A)

11. 1 Class A suit coat

12. 1 Class A dress pants

13. 1 beret

14. 1 pair low quarters (for Class A uniform)

15. Laundry bag

16. All Class A accessories (i.e. rank, name tag, insignia)

17. 1 dress shirt (should wearing Dress Green uniform be necessary)

18. 1 bow tie (also for Dress Green uniform)

19. 2 PT shorts

20. 2 short sleeve PT shirts

21. 1 set PT wind pants (probably won’t need, but bringing just in case)

22. 1 PT jacket (probably won’t need, but bringing just in case)

23. Running shoes

24. 30 copies of orders

Misc. Items

1. 550 Chord

2. Camera (and battery chargers)

3. ACU pattern backpack

4. Laptop

5. Printer

6. Printer paper

7. Printer ink

8. USB flash drive

9. External Hard Drive

10. Ethernet Cable

11. Speakers (for my laptop)

12. Power strip

13. Small Bible

14. Mini Mag Light

15. Books I haven’t read

16. Notebook to keep in ACU pocket

17. Pens and Pencils

18. 3 Ring Binder

19. Guitar

20. Songs for guitar

21. Mp3 Player

22. Food

23. Laundry detergent

24. Dryer sheets

25. Stamps (my wife and I are going to write letters back and forth the old fashioned way)

26. Envelopes

27. Book on CD (for the long drive)

28. Pillow

29. Road Map

30. Civilian clothes

31. Cheap plastic plates, cups, bowls and utensils to use

32. A few microwave safe plastic storage containers

33. Plastic bags

34. Duck Tape

35. Electrical tape

36. Leatherman


6 thoughts on “Preparing for CHBOLC: My Tentative Packing List

  1. Caleb,

    Look forward to meeting you in a few days. I to will be at Ft. Jackson for all 12 weeks of CHBOLC.

    Grace and Peace,


  2. Hey Caleb,

    Congrats on completing CHBOLC. I will hopefully be going myself in January. I was wondering, now that you are done with the program, what would a complete, and corrected packing list look like?

    I other words, what did you take that you did not need, and what do you wish you had taken?


  3. Honestly, looking over the list, I think that everything I brought I would bring again.

    I ended up buying a 4th set of ACU’s at CHBOLC, but other than that, not much.

    Travel sized items are great to bring out to the field because they take up a lot less room when you pack your rucksack.

    If you are going in the winter, I recommend some cold weather Under Armour. The stuff works great for keeping you warm. It is expensive, but totally worth it.

  4. great list. i graduated in 2007 and wish i had a list like this – just sent your link to someone about to attend. tks for putting it together.

    1. Thanks Bob! I made this list in the hope that it would be helpful to people. It’s not exhaustive but it is a good starting point and should keep a person from having to buy a whole bunch of stuff upon arrival when they would rather be getting settled in and getting the lay of the land.

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