Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Review

A movie like this has so much hype going into it that many people are going to be let down by the movie no matter what. The original Indy trilogy has so much nostalgia attached to it that even a perfect 4th Indy would be unable to match the feeling of fans towards the original movies. Not to mention that some people go into a movie like this expecting some sort of life changing experience and that simply is not what these movies were made for. They are good, escapist fun.

I went into Indy 4 hoping for entertainment that was in the spirit of the original movies. I believe that the filmmakers succeeded magnificently on that level. They created a movie that captured the fun, globe-trotting, dry humor of the originals.

Were there some cheesy moments? Yep, but they were few and brief (and they were also present in the originals even though nostalgia makes us overlook most of those).  For me the cheesiest moment was Mutt swinging with the monkeys.

Unlike some, I don’t mind the aliens. I think it worked well for the time period the movie was set in (think about all the B alien movies from the late 50’s) and was no less believable than a cup that gives eternal life or an ark that destroys everyone who looks at it.

There are many who are critical of the use of CGI or the different look of the movie. I think those criticisms are ridiculous. If the technology that we have now had been available when the original movies were made, Spielberg would have used it then. Some people just have ridiculous expectations for certain movies in that for some reason new movie-making technology should not be used when bringing a nostalgic classic into the 21st century.

I also enjoyed the political references in the movies to McCarthyism, the red scare, and the fear of a nuclear holocaust. They really helped to set the tone of the movie and lend a sense of historicity to the movie in the same way that the Nazis did to the first and third movies.

Spielberg and Lucas did a great job bringing Indy back to the screen and in capturing the pacing and fun of the originals. I went into the theater with the simple hope that they would be true to the spirit of the Indy series and they were. The movie is a well made, fun action movie with our favorite archaeologist. If you go expecting that, you will not be disappointed. If you go in expecting a clone of the originals in terms of film style, stunts, and no CGI, you will be disappointed.

The filmmakers captured the spirit of the originals and created a movie worthy bearing the Indy name. There is nothing more a long time fan of the series could ask for. Does it have the same nostalgia for those who grew up on the originals? Nope, and it never will because nostalgia is a product of time. I am willing to bet, however, that a whole new generation will be introduced to Indy because of this movie and they will remember this movie fondly (in the same way we remember the original three) as the one that introduced them to one of the greatest film series of all time.

I can’t wait to see this one again and buy it when it comes out on DVD!

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