STD’s, Teen Girls, and Failing Sex Ed.

Fox recently had a disturbing article on their website about the prevalence of STD’s among teenage girls. The article is extremely disturbing and proves, yet again, that our system for educating children about the birds and the bees is broken.

The root of the problem is that many parents have completely given the task of educating their children to the government and media. They send their kids to school, trusting that they will be educated in a way that is consistent with their morals. Parents spend less time with children today than they have in the past because kids spend more and more of their time parked in front of an electronic gadget.

Parents face a daunting task today. They have more competition for the hearts of their kids than any other generation of parents. A parent, no matter how good, will never be able to completely shelter their children from the smut that is so readily available today. The schools are not providing the level of moral education that they have in generations past. The only thing that will prevent kids from engaging in risky activity (like sex) is a strong moral foundation instilled by parents.

The government will continue to throw money into sex education programs. The debate will continue to rage over whether abstinence education in public schools is effective. None of these things is as effective as parents sitting down with their children and passing along their values. The best way to lower the number of teens having sex (and consequently the number of teens with STD’s) is for parents to once again step up to the plate and accept their responsibility to educate their children.

Our society, for all of its progress and advances, has been dramatically failing in the moral education of children. All the technological advances, STD cures, and sex ed are meaningless unless there is a moral foundation to back them up. That moral foundation has been crumbling for decades and is a reason why more and more parents are choosing to send their kids to private schools or educate them at home.

Don’t count on the government to be the sole educator of your kids. The morals they come home with will not be what you want.



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