Romney Attacks on Huckabee Rise

The Caucus has an interesting article about Romney’s increasing attacks on Huckabee. (link)

Here is an excerpt:

When a reporter asked Mr. Romney a pointed question about what he would say as a management consultant if one enterprise “spent about $7 million and one spent about $300,000 and they got the exact same results in market share.”
He was alluding to the approximate amounts Mr. Romney and Mr. Huckabee have spent respectively in the state so far.

Mr. Romney bristled and said: “Sorry, I don’t have particular comment on that.”

Romney is obviously worried about Huckabee. He continues to hammer Huckabee on his immigration and tax record, but unfortunately for Romney, Huckabee has a solid response to each criticism. So far, Huckabee’s responses have been enough to convince voters.

The Huckabee campaign will have to be on their toes to answer all the criticisms, but if they do so in a timely and convincing manner, they can turn Romney’s attacks back against their source.



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