Rasmussen Tracking Poll, Huckabee at 15%

Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll for today puts Huckabee at his best position ever in that poll, 15%. (link) While I see this as great news, I still won’t be trumpeting it too loudly. Why? Because I look at the margin of error and I still see a three-way tie for second place.

Huckabee saw his poll numbers temporarily fall a few weeks back as attacks against him increased. It appears that now he is in a steady upward trend, aided by his campaign ads, increased media exposure, and a strong debate performance. This is the most important news in my opinion. Many people in the last month or two have seen Huckabee’s rise in the polls as a temporary phenomena that would come to a dramatic end as soon as he started facing genuine attacks. They have been proven wrong. The attacks did cause a temporary down-turn, but he has been able to ride out the negative attacks and emerge with his best poll numbers yet.

The next step for Huckabee is to pull away from the pack in this poll. He has been in a three way tie for quite awhile now. When he can pull ahead enough to put him a solid second, then I will see real progress in this poll. A solid and consistent (lasting more than a day or two) second in this daily tracking poll will give Huckabee a new level of viability and put him within striking distance of Rudy. He will no longer be able to viewed as a dark-horse or potential VP by the voters or the media, but as a true contender for the nomination.



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