Huckabee Debate Analysis from Newsweek

A Newsweek article by Howard Fineman has some interesting analysis of the debate earlier this week.

Here is an excerpt:

How far can Mike Huckabee take this thing?

That’s the question after the debate here. Rudy Giuliani and John McCain insiders tell me they’d be glad if the former Arkansas governor won the Iowa caucuses, because that would humiliate Mitt Romney, who has invested so much time and money there. Well, after the debate and a chat with Huckabee, here’s my advice to the mayor and the senator: be careful what you wish for.

In a breakout performance, Huckabee matched his surge in the Iowa polls, and elsewhere, with a confident, easygoing performance at the CNNYouTube debate. He shrewdly stayed out of the Rudy-Romney eye-scratching (“You never try to stop a dogfight,” he said afterward), eloquently defended his support for college scholarships for illegals (“we are a better country than that”), and, when asked “what Jesus would do” about the death penalty, came up with the laugh line of the evening. “Jesus was too smart to ever run for public office,” the ordained Baptist preacher said.

Read the full article here. (link)

There is one particular paragraph of this article that I disagree with and which frustrates me.  Fineman brings up Huckabee’s lack of foreign policy experience. While this is a legitimate concern on the surface, historically, is has proven a hollow criticism. There have been many presidents with little or no foreign policy experience. The key for the president is to surround himself with advisers who have that kind of experience. At the same time, reading a speech in which Huckabee laid out his foreign policy a few months ago, he appears to have a good handle on foreign policy and a solid plan to institute should he be elected.




2 thoughts on “Huckabee Debate Analysis from Newsweek

  1. YJM,
    The thing is, many people will vote for Rudy. He makes a convincing case for himself based on his experience at 9-11 and his tough stance on terrorism.
    However, Huckabee has a strong stance on terrorism and the ability to appeal to conservatives. So, if he can continue to gain traction his chances of being are nominee are good indeed.
    Huckabee is the closest to the “total candidate” on issues for me. That is why I support him above the others. His values and his policy align more closely to mine and the direction I want the country to go than any other candidates.

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