CNN/YouTube Debates Thoughts

The debate is over and my fingers survived the live blogging, although I think I may have carpal tunnel.

Here are my initial thoughts:

1. Mike Huckabee, once again, got very little air time. I am anxious to see a break down of the time each candidate had on the air.  I hope that I’m wrong and it is just me being biased towards the candidate I support, but we’ll see when the numbers come out. I felt that Romney, McCain, and Rudy got the most time. If I had to choose a debate winner from the three with the top air time it would be McCain. He gave solid answers and did not waffle like Rudy and Romney.

2. Huckabee hit every question he got out of the park. I especially liked his answer to the death penalty question. I think it was the best answer I have ever heard a politician give. Also, the tough question (tough for many candidates) about the Bible was handled very well by Huckabee.

3. Please, give Huckabee some foreign policy questions. Huckabee is obviously a contender for the nomination and he never gets to answer questions on important foreign policy issues. Huckabee gave a great foreign policy speech a couple of months ago that everyone should read if they want to know where he stands on the issues. (link)

In conclusion, Huckabee had another strong debate performance. However, the debate was so centered on Rudy, Romney, and McCain that Huckabee’s performance may be perceived as weaker simply because of the lack of strong policy questions thrown his way.

A good friend of mine, here’s her blog (link), suggested that the Huckabee campaign post a response to each question of the debate on the Huckabee website. That will give the Governor a chance to respond to every question fully. I think that is an excellent idea.

Overall, Huckabee did great with the questions he was given. What more can you ask for?



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